Agriculture Socio Economic Student Organization (HIMASEPTA) is one of students’ organization in Faculty of Agriculture specially in Agribusiness Study Program. Faculty of Agriculture has implemented academic activity since 1984 and provides two study programs of Agrotechnology and Agribusiness, but Agribusiness Study Program has begun the learning process on 1986. Time by time, a lot of students are initiated to create students’ organization in order to develop the interaction and students’ activity.


Vision :

Realize critical, creative, and independent students’ organization to develop the young spirit of Agribusiness that have high quality and integrity based on Islamic values.

Mission :

  • To develop Agribusiness Students’ character to be an intellectual and Islamic student.
  • As the facility to express the students’ aspiration, interest, and talent in Agribusiness.
  • To provide education information for Agribusiness students.
  • To support the students to be creative in Agribusiness based on Islamic values.



Philosophy of HIMASEPTA Symbol

  1. Five flower petals outside is symbolic of five pillars of Islam.
  2. Five flower petals inside is symbolic of Pancasila as the National Symbol.
  3. The factory/granary picture is symbolic of the development of agriculture economics.
  4. Farmer picture is symbolic of the earth prospering process.
  5. Light picture is symbolic of the enlighten for all people.
  6. Green color is symbolic of prosperity.
  7. White color is symbolic of sincere, it means we work without any intention to keep prospering the earth and good for society.


Several period of structure organization & Head of HIMASEPTA :

  • Period 2008/2009 : L.R Perdana Putri
  • Period 2009/2010 : Novi Nurdiana
  • Period 2010/2011 : Risya Dwi Nugraha
  • Period 2011/2012 : Erlyta Dwi Hapsari
  • Period 2012/2013 : M Hafiz Azhad
  • Period 2013/2014 : Rohandi Aziz
  • Period 2014/2015 : Hanif Nafiah
  • Period 2015/2016 : Dwi Rohmat Wahyudi
  • Period 2016/2017 : Najib Ikhsan