Vision & Mission


Become an excellent Agribusiness Department in science and technology development based on Islamic values in Southeast Asia by 2025.


  1. To develop the higher education in Agribusiness by integrating Islamic values in the learning process.
  2. To develop the science and technology through the research in agribusiness based on local wisdom.
  3. To develop the community empowerment in agribusiness.
  4. To develop the student who has high ability in science and technology in agriculture, perfectly behave Islamic scholar, insightful and competitive in global area.
  5. To develop the mutual cooperation with the private and nation agency, and the other higher education in national and international area.


  1. To bring out the graduates who have perfectly behave Islamic scholar and competence in theoretic and technique in agribusiness and competitive in Asian.
  2. To bring out the scientific effort in national and international publication and support the science development.
  3. To bring out the service effort that be able to solve the business and industry issue and useful for the society.